Resources to download tax forms and topical information.

The Connecticut Juduical Branch |

This website is loaded with helpful materials, such as forms, locations of courts, topical electronic pamphlets, Connecticut statutes, and much more.

State of Connecticut |

This webpage contains a list of all the Connecticut State Agencies, and links to the individual web pages of each.This website is loaded with.

Verify a Connecticut Professional's License |

Use this webpage to verify that an individual or company has appropriate licenses, such as home improvement contractors.

Interest on Security Deposits |

This webpage lists historic and current interest on residential landlord/tenant security deposit interest rates. It also contains general information on security deposits.

Real Estate Appraisal Information |

Many towns use other means to access assessors data through their own websites. For towns that do not use Vision, you can do a google or yahoo search for a town's website, and go to the assessor's page. Common terms used are "property record look-up" "property cards" "GIS" and "assessment data".

CT Secretary of State |

If you conduct business or plan to conduct business in Connecticut, then you need to become familiar with this resource. Particularly helpful is CONCORD, which allows you to search business and UCC records.

CT Dept. of Revenue Services (DRS) |

This is another very useful resource from the State of Connecticut. It contains tax forms and helpful information on filing taxes and starting a business.