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Providing clients with sophisticated, no-nonsense representation in a range of business and real estate practice areas. Sophistication does not mean complexity for complexity's sake, but rather individual analysis and out-of-the-box thinking to develop practical strategies specifically for your needs.
Business & Commercial Law

New Business Startups

Starting a new business can be a dauting task whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just opening your first business. Attorney Santoro knows there are a multitude of things to consider including entity type, funding strategies, venue, licensing, liability exposure, trade regulations and exit strategies.

Santoro Law Office, LLC helps individuals and entities start new business endeavors by providing the following services:

  • Drafting of business plans.
  • Consulting on the choice of business formation that is best suited for the client's particular set of circumstances.
  • Drafting and filing the necessary documents for registration/incorporation and operation of the business entity.
  • Consulting on properly running a business entity to avoid loss of liability shield.
  • Obtaining federal and state tax identification numbers.
  • Obtaining necessary and desirable licensing.
  • Drafting contracts and other form documents that the business will need.
  • Creating and coordinating funding strategies.
  • Obtaining business premises, whether by purchasing real estate or negotiating a commercial lease.

Purchase & Sale

Just as no two businesses are alike, the purchase and sale of each business has unique characteristics that require individual attention. The most cost-effective way to prevent problems later on is to properly structure the purchase and sale agreement, and to pay attention to details during the drafting of the documents associated with the transaction. Attorney Santoro has extensive experience in all facets of business purchase and sale - from business valuation, to proper deal structure, to negotiating and drafting, to representation at the closing table. He has been involved in the purchase and sale of many types of businesses, including package stores, gas stations/convenience stores, dry cleaners, laundromats, sporting goods stores, restaurants, automotive repair, auto dealership, landscaping companies, nail salons, and several niche/specialty businesses.

Business Entities

It seems that most businesses are set up in some form of business entity. In fact, according to data from the Connecticut Secretary of the State*, of the almost 26,000 new Connecticut businesses started in the year 2016, approximately 99% of them were limited liability companies, corporations, or limited liability partnerships. There are good reasons for these statistics; isolation of business liability, common understanding, and wealth transfer are but some of the reasons why so many business owners choose to use business entities over sole proprietorships and general partnerships.

However, choosing the wrong type or business formation for your particular circumstances, or misusing your chosen type of business entity, can frustrate your business goals. Attorney Santoro will take the time to listing to your ideas and goals, ask you important and relevant questions, and listen to your answers before advising you on what business entity or entities best suit your needs.

* Data obtained from the Connecticut Secretary of the State's website, Starts and Stops for 2016.

Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

Attorney Santoro appreciates that gas sales and convenience stores are unique industries, with deal structures unlike other business in Connecticut. Attorney Santoro has many years of experience helping people start, run, sell, lease, and purchase convenience stores with retail gas sales. As well, he has experience with gas distributorships.

Santoro Law Office, LLC offers the following services specifically related to convenience stores and gas sales:

  • Business entities
  • Commercial lease agreements
  • Gas distributorship agreements, including terms dealing with branding
  • PMPA compliance
  • Connecticut Lottery sales and Dept. of Consumer Protection oversight

Home Improvements

Even good home improvement contractors who do their jobs well can be prevented from recovering money owed to them if their contracts do not meet the strict requirements of Connecticut’s Home Improvement Act. Santoro Law Office, LLC has helped many home improvement contractors become compliant with the Act by drafting contracts for large-scale projects and creating customized form contracts that enhance contract enforceability.

General Counsel

Not all businesses can afford the luxury of an in-house lawyer, but all business benefit from having a business attorney as a ready resource. Santoro Law Office, LLC has the diverse background needed to be a cost-effective alternative to in-house counsel, and to work with business clients on matters such as leasing issues, vendor contracts, liability exposure, acquisitions and new ventures, auditing, procedure creation and special projects, entity filings, and a multitude of other issues that often come up in the life of a business.



Administrative Law & Business Licensing




real estate
Real Estate & Land Use Law

Purchase & Sales

Attorney Santoro has over 15 years of experience in representing buyers, sellers, lenders, and title insurance companies in both commercial and residential real estate transactions. Whether you are selling your home or purchasing investment property, Attorney Santoro has the experience to give you piece of mind and a successful transaction.


Connecticut's property transfer law (C.G.S. §§ 22a-134 through 22a-134e) states, in general terms, that the purchase and sale of any real estate that contains or did contain a dry cleaner, furniture stripper, or auto body shop, and any piece or real estate on which is generated or did generate more than 100 kilograms of hazardous waste in any month, must be investigated for environmental contaminants and remediated (cleaned up) as necessary. This means that the parties to a real estate purchase and sale agreement have to negotiate who will be responsible for site assessment and possible subsequent remediation. This is nothing that can be dealt with lightly; you need a lawyer experienced both in these types of contracts and in the practical aspects of dealing with environmental professionals.

This practice area summary is not intended to be a detailed description of transfer of establishments, and it should not be relied on as such. If you think that your property, business, and/or transaction may involve environmental matters, then contact Santoro Law Office, LLC to schedule a consultation.


Attorney Santoro has the knowledge and experience needed to advise clients on matters affected by zoning regulations. The services offered by Santoro Law office, LLC include:

  • Consultations on compliance with applicable regulations
  • Subdivisions
  • Site plan modifications
  • Defense against enforcement actions
  • Litigation of administrative appeals
  • Act as point of contact for engineers, architects, contractors/subcontractors, governing bodies

Inland Wetlands

Land use projects often involve activity in or around inland wetlands, which often necessitates the filing of applications with local inland wetlands commissions. Attorney Santoro has experience in such matters, and served as alternate and as acting secretary on the Town of Barkhamsted's Inland Wetlands Commission.

Seller Financing


Boundary Disputes


Leasing & Landlord/Tenant Law
Santoro Law Office, LLC has extensive knowledge and experience in landlord/tenant law and leasing matters. We are proud to represent commercial landlords and tenants, and residential landlords.

Connecticut Landlord and tenant law is highly technical and has both substantive and procedural components. Our experience in these components allows us to provide our clients with sophisticated representation in lease negotiation and drafting, evictions (known as "Summary Process"), collections, defense in commercial evictions and collections, and real estate management forms and procedures.

Lease Negotiation & Drafting



Breach of Lease Claims

Defense of Claims

Compliance Audits

Management Practices

Tenant Vetting